One-to-One Service at The Outback!!

If you enjoy one-to-one service when you visit the hair salon – The Outback is definitely the place to head to!

We are a small, friendly boutique hair salon and we specialise in offering our clients fantastic customer care and hairstyling services to suit your lifestyle.  I’d like to repeat those last four words if I may – “to suit your lifestyle”.  We feel that it is of the utmost imortance that the style or colour must suit YOUR lifestyle…your face shape…your budget…and your personality – and above all that you are able to manage it when you leave the salon.

To make this possible we show you how to style your hair – which brushes/fingers/straightners etc to use to get the best, easiest result.  We also show you tips and tricks to cut back on the time spent styling your hair.    We also advise on the best hair products to use to make looking after your hair as stress free as possible.

Also we take pride that we are not a salon that has a variety of different staff dealing with one client.  In our opinion, big salons that pass clients from person-to-person can sometimes be intimidating and can make you feel ill-at-ease.

So in our salon, the stylist will have a proper consultation with you and listen to what you want.  If you need advice on hair styling, haircut ideas or which products to use on your hair, we are more than happy to help!

Your stylist will then shampoo your hair, make you a refreshment, offer you our latest magazines then get to work on creating your desired style. Then Hey Presto!  You leave our salon feeling happy, listened to, confident about your look – and above all – Happy!

Now that’s what we think is sincere one-to-one service!  We hope you try us, like what we offer – and recommend us to your friends!

p.s. we also serve great coffee and delicious biscuits!

Bye for now, Paula xx

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